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of the Aporetic Music

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In these pages you will find informations on Aporetic Think, as far as useful documents, and audio samples to understand the main outlines of this musical trend.


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New Techniques for Professionals

Interactive Guide

  • CHAPTER - I [Introduction]

We will start here an interactive guide thru the New Composing Techniques within the Aporetic Think principles (which wide minded, could be extended to several other fields of the human being). This self-test will help you to better understand your own sense; they're very precious to direct you towards the things essence. If you find yourself a little sclerosizing, with the tecniques you will find here, you'll inflate the lungs of your Soul with new sap...

Self-Test of Your sense-abilities in accordance with the Aporetic's Philosophia principles

Before proceeding to Chapter I, please test yourself, if you will pass it quite well, i.e. without too big wrongs, this mind your sense-skills are still high reactive, and this proclaim you as an elected member of the Aporetic School

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