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of the Aporetic Music

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In these pages you will find informations on Aporetic Think, as far as useful documents, and audio samples to understand the main outlines of this musical trend.


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New Techniques for Professionals

Interactive Guide

  • Self-test (A.S.T. typology)

Self test of Your sense-abilities in accordance with the Aporetic's Philosophia principles. This method isn't reserved to a special target of people, like musicians, or composers, or creative people, but is wideuse intended, it covers, if used under a medical control, also the wide range of medical applications. This's a simple test usually called A.S.T. (Aporetic Self Test typology), which several psycologists and doctors worldwide now, thanks to us, are used to do in their job, have to be worked to during the daylight in a quiet aloof place; keep in mind that total timing should not exeed 30 minutes, you might use another slice of 30 minutes to discuss the results, if you do the test under medical control.

__________________ START POINT __________________

Take a chronometer and try to stop it at 30 hundredth of second [00h:00m:00s:30hds].
(your must succeed within the 3rd try)

Close your eyes and walk slowly toward a wall or a door, check at what distance your sense feel the object

How many time have you experienced a deja-vu ?

Close your eyes, concentrate on yourself and on what's around you try to see the view as your eyes were open, try now, with close eyes, to look at a particular object or a small detail of an object near or far away, open your eyes and check how far from the object your look was settled

Close your eyes and relax yourself, think on a positive or negative past happening and how it was or might be differently solved

Now spend few minutes to resume your sense thru, feel the grain of the air you're breathing; feel the surface of your body, specially the one which touch something (i.e. the chair); hear the voices far away or the little noises upcoming

Move yourself mentally, as soon as possible and several times, first slower then faster, to a place at your choice, exactly feeling the place you are (i.e. is not enough saying: "ok, now I'm on the seashore", needs to feel the backwash, the sea breeze, the brackish smell, etc.)

__________________ TEST RESULTS __________________

If you did the A.S.T. by yourself, read below.

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