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of the Aporetic Music

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In these pages you will find informations on Aporetic Think, as far as useful documents, and audio samples to understand the main outlines of this musical trend.


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WAP & UMTS Aporetic World Portal

Browsing informations

Since the new technologies were available, the Aporetic World Team work to support, develop and research on it. This's why we open this WAP and UMTS portal. You will able to browse thru Your personal mobile phone, PDA, or laptops our official site everywhere in the whole wide world. You'll be able to gather Your desired informations, and infos even if You're enjoying trekking on the Himalaya's mountain!

    WAP & UMTS informations

    to browsing the web-portal, just type in Your 2G ~ 3G mobile phone, or similar PDA, this address:

    • http://www.aporeticworld.com/wap

    Remember that this portal will be correctly viewable, only with Your portable device (Cellular, PDA, UMTS devices, or similar), supporting WAP 1.1 or next.
    If you receive error message like "contents not supported" or similar, try to open directly this link in the menu "goto" of your mobile PDA:

    • http://www.aporeticworld.com/wap/index.html

    We provide both the technology supported.

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