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In these pages you will find informations on Aporetic Think, as far as useful documents, and audio samples to understand the main outlines of this musical trend.


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Frequently Asked Questions on the Aporetic Music Philosophia


    This interview was rewrited from an original of the year 1990.
    These incredible answers had redrawn all the history of the Contemporary Philosophia.
    But only in recent times, they were studied and understand...

  • Internet FAQ-I:
  • Dear Dr. Patron, please, tell us what is the Aporetic Idea on the Universe and what is the Theory of the Universe of the Aporetic Thought ?
    Dr. Patron REPLY-I: Well, for the Aporetic Philosophia the Universe seems like a heart, which has its own contractions. The Universe is the heart of the Life. All is Life in the Universe, 'cause Universe is Life. It is not finished nor infinite, but endless. It just has infinite differences between one and another contractions. The core of each contractions is the so called "Big Bang".
    The main important thing is the Life Principle, which can be kept through each contractions. The Life Principle has also an impassable barrier. The Life Principle keeps its knowledges away from availability, no one can approach to close to the Life Core (we call it Chaos, or Caos with a greek term). But what we can say is: the Life is everywhere, the Life restore itself everytime, still in the depth, which is nothing but a Life restoring.
    Recalling the story of the Aporetic Cube we can say that it displays the core of the Aporetic doubt:
    a man in front of a crotch of his way, he doens't know which is the right nor which is the best to take 'cause none of them indeed have any "right" nor "bad" attribute, but each of them could be "right" or "bad". And more, this image is not by chance displayed on a cube, think about the meaning of the cube in the history of world philosophies...
    More and deeper of this, the CUBE for the Aporetic Thought is the core of the Universe Theory. The Universe is considered something like a revolving multiface cube, it rotates, it has several faces (universes, as the Whole is multiversed) but for us is viewable only one of them (the one in front of us, the one we live in, obviously with the term "we" is related to each of the beings in each of it multiverses), the other faces are considered part of the dark matter (in italian language "materia oscura"), each universe in the Whole multiverse represents the dark matter for the other universes, and like in a cube where faces are linked among others by one side, minding that each of other faces we cannot see are other universes, you can cross between one dimension and the other along the linked side of them (how to do this or how to understand this is a science task not a philosophy task).
    The Universe is a continuously revolving life-path where things start, expand and pass away. This is a no-stop process, without ending.
    Thus the question of the human being is not where will it go but who or what or how started this endless process.
    In the Aporetic Thought the answer is that the Universe/Multiverse core path is the Progress, where all of us (the human being and all of the other universe/multiverse beings) are moving forward for an overall path of endless Progress.
    About the main question of the Aporetic Thought: who or what started the entire universe/multiverse process, the answer is explained with the Absolute Natural Wave (which we also call Music), which could be described as a sort of ground energetic vibration that permeated the Whole at the very start of all the Progress path, which perhaps one future could be retrieve and analysed.
  • Internet FAQ-II:
  • These words are really innovative ! No other philosopher nor scientist has said this before !
    And, what about us ?
    Dr. Patron REPLY-II: We are and example of the Universe Life Principle. Inside us, we have the seed of the Universe. Our heart beats supporting the Life, as an infinitesimal copy of the Universe. More we says that the real form of the Universe is closed to the one of our brain.
  • Internet FAQ-III:
  • Dr. Patron, which are the philosophical relations coming out from this ?
    Dr. Patron REPLY-III: The generational Principle, the Caos, cannot be understand. We can nevertheless comply and support our deep wave, our feeling, 'cause it's the closest thing to the original Principle we have. The rithm of the Universe, we call Music (it's a energetic wave). The Music is an instrument for us, to approach the Life. This is the why we cannot stay without Music, it is something deeply attached to our soul. This is also why Music should be a choral experience, which should tighly link the composer, the performer and the audience.
  • Internet FAQ-IV:
  • In the Aporetic thought, as I have read in an interesting essay, a very important concept is that of the Chaos. Instead of other composers, philosophers, writers, where the word Chaos means mere confusion of things, absolute alea, strange chaotic effects without other meanings, with Dr. Patron, Chaos acquires an innovative dimension. The roots of the university studies of Dr. Patron, take oftentimes his attention to scientific readings, re-searches and discussions on physics and biological fields, he had also the chance to speak with the world known scientist Paul Davies. Afterwards, Dr. Patron embraced the belief, which go back to Plato, of the spontaneous generation of the life. Leaving out the scientific details we could summarize Dr. Patron's thoughts in this way: as the life can organize itself spontaneously, the music, emanation of this generational principle, minded as first vibration, immanent wave, moves and organizes the universe as far as organize and moves itself. The compositions realized through this root are self-repairing. This is the secret why an Aporetic performance is ever musically perfect. The close relation between music and the human feeling depends on the relation between the fundamental wave and the life. We are created over that wave, therefore we are apart of the Creation. This is why the compositions of Dr. Patron are chances (casual) but specifics . Casual because must contains a lot of considerable information, and specific because the information is important. He calls this Aporetic process "Specific Chances". The right combination of order and disorder is needed to create the musical information - Generational Music. As the biological systems follow the second thermodynamics principle (the Entropy), as the music cross continuously from a state (condition) to another. These brief annotations hide a really new and widespread idea of the music created by Dr. Patron. One can see an application of this in the Pillars composition. The music data involves a continuous sound/materials rebuilt, and the performer, the human element, expression of the life, is the essential moulder. Is this correct ?
    Dr. Patron REPLY-IV: Wow ! You have well summarized the Core of the Aporetic Philosophia ! What you said is the real important aim of the Aporetic Music. But like a majeutical staircase you cannot reach the last step without cover all of it. As in fact you cannot look directly the sun light without having hurts. This means that the Aporetic Philosophia is a Life instrument which does not end its way except with the end of the Life, but Life doesn't end...
    After all, the Aporetic way is a Life style. If you follow it, your'll gather happiness and deep soulful awareness, 'cause you will in touch with your own generational energy which comes from the main beat of the Universe's heart.
    . . . TO BE CONTINUED . . .

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