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Official reference site

of the Aporetic Music

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In these pages you will find informations on Aporetic Think, as far as useful documents, and audio samples to understand the main outlines of this musical trend.


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Reserch & Development Office

dr. Lucius Weathersby: a Ph.D. on the Aporetic Thought

Here you could find more upon this important project.
Explore, read and downloads documents and musical realizations

dr. Lucius Weathesby  photo n.1 (front of a Patron's father paint)  photo n.2 (at Italy)
Dean Professor of Music at Dillard University, New Orleans, LA.
Chairperson of the Music Department
Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana

Professors Meeting on a research project (3rd June 01, New York)  photo n.3

Professors Meeting on a research project (29rd September 02, New York)  photo n.4

  • Hear a short comprehensive Audio File (readable with Windows Media Player)

    Speaking professors: Dr. Don Saphiro, Dr. Frank H. Tyro, Gary Williams,
    Dr. Ferrucio Germani, The Aporetic Founder Dr. Albert Patron
    and dr. Lucius Weathersby

©PhotoPress of a meeting (PN-Italy, 2001)
prof. L.R.Weathersby meet dr. Patron.

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