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of the Aporetic Music

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In these pages you will find informations on Aporetic Think, as far as useful documents, and audio samples to understand the main outlines of this musical trend.


You're browsing the Bio page of the Aporetic World founder

Albert Patron, Ph.D.

President & CEO of Aporetic World.com

Alberto Patron (Pordenone, 1969)

Founder of the Aporetic Music Philosophy

«Composer, Pianist, Organist, Conductor. Graduated at the ancient Law University of Padua (Italy), at the music Conservatory "Benedetto Marcello" of Venice (Italy) and "Venezze" of Rovigo (Italy); he improved himself at various European Academies and COnservatories with world known teachers: U.Battel, Akiko Ebi, François Weigel, Pierre Pontier, G.Lovato, Walter Norris, J. Louis Haguenauer, J.Philippe Collard, Noël Lee, G.Bonato, S.Chiereghin, F.Rossi, F.Finotti, L.Ferdinando Tagliavini, G.Alessandro Vanzin, Dag Achatz, and had artistic exchanges with many other (L.Berio, Segafreddo, Maderna, Ferruccio Germani, C.De Pirro, G.Pressato, etc.). He was awarded at many Composer's Competitions both National and International (among which we remember: Kansas City, Warsaw, Holland, Milan, Gustav Mahler 2005 at Klagenfurt, etc.), has recorded several CD for various Labels, Radio & TV broadcasts and published both in the musical field as well as in the literary, teaching and juridical one. Concert artist in Italy and abroad, as Ph.D. Doctoral Professor has taught at graduate and undergraduate courses at several universities, held lectures and masterclass of performance, music and composition, international law and philosophy in Europe and USA (New York, New Orleans, Cincinnati, etc.). He collaborates with national newspapers as critic and supervisor. Titular organist since 1987 at the Archpriest Church of St.George of Pordenone, Vice-president of the International Musical association "Vincenzo Colombo" of Pordenone (Italy), ex-President of the International Society of Art & Research and now General Adviser, Committee Directional member of the Italian Federation of Composers, he is the founder of the Aporetic Music & Philosophy, co-founder of the international MEM Ensemble and the Singing Group 5th Evangelio. Several works of him are stored at important international Libraries (New York, The British, etc.)», his works and life was subject of Ph.D. and PDE, as well as of study at the World Art Conference of Honolulu (Hawaii).
(...extracted from the Encyclopedia of the Italian Composers, Naples, 1999)

    prof. A.Patron - Official Web Site

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